No Filipino Casualty In Boston Marathon Bomb Blasts

by Kobakila News
Boston Marathon 2013

NEW YORK— Two explosions marred the annual Boston Marathon near the finish line on Monday afternoon leaving at least three people dead including an eight-year-old-boy and more than 130 others injured. According to the Philippine Embassy, there are so far no Filipinos among the reported casualties. In a statement, the Embassy said the Philippine Consulate General in New York is coordinating with authorities in Boston and the Filipino-American Community to make sure that all Filipinos who were in the area at the time of the incident are all safe and accounted for.

Consul General Mario de Leon said that as of 8:30 p.m. EST, April 15, the Consulate General still has not received any report of any Filipino casualties among based on initial information from authorities and leaders of the Filipino-American Community.

“The Philippine Consulate General in New York responded immediately after the explosions and contacted authorities, hospitals and our kababayans in Boston to determine if there were Filipinos among the two fatalities and the close to 100 who were reported injured,” Consul General De Leon said.

About 27,000 runners from 96 countries, including the Philippines, registered for the annual event but only 23,346 started in the race according to the Marathon’s Website. Of those runners, 1,542 are from New York, 183 from New Jersey and 419 from Connecticut.

Consul General De Leon said police and authorities at the St. Elizabeth Medical Hospital, Boston University Medical, Massachusetts General and New England Medical Center who were contacted by Consul Felipe Carino following the incident reported no Filipino casualties. The Consulate and the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. were initially concerned about 10 marathon participants who were listed in the Boston Marathon website as from the Philippines as well as other Filipino-American runners and spectators.

Consul General De Leon said the Consulate was informed by Arland Macasieb that he was with six other Filipino runners who were able to finish the race at least two hours before the explosion. He approximates that two other Filipinos were not far behind and would have completed the race more than an hour before the explosions while the last Filipino runner was unable to officially finish because runners were no longer allowed to cross the finish line after the blasts. The 10th runner was two miles away from the finish line when the incident occurred.

Consul General De Leon said there were also six volunteer nurses from the Philippine Nurses Association-New England Chapter led by Eden Gianan who were in the area at the time of the explosions. All were reported to be safe.

According to Consul General De Leon, the two successive blasts took place a few hours after the first runner crossed the finish line. Most of the runners had already completed the race when the explosions occurred.

Around 27,000 runners from 96 countries, including the Philippines, took part in the race. It was mid-afternoon when most of the remaining runners were so-called charity runners or those running for causes/organizations/advocacies were expected to finish the race when the explosions happened.

Consul General De Leon said the Consulate will continue to monitor the situation and remains in touch with authorities and the Filipino-American Community in the area.

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