On Dreams

by Fernando Perfas

How much can our aspirations or dreams shape our destiny? This question has always intrigued me. It is quite common to hear someone say, “It’s always been my dream to be an accomplished artist…” or “Through the years I’ve always aspired to travel the world but I never had the means,” etc., then before they realize it, these “things” are before their eyes. There is something almost magical about it. Skeptics chalk this up to chance or luck.

But what if a mechanism or principle explains why some people’s dreams come true while others don’t? Where should this inquiry take us? The Law of Causation within the realm of material science is inadequate to provide the answer. There are simply too many gaps or variables that are hard to understand and account for. Too many dots that don’t connect and those that do are not readily explainable. The fulfillment of a heart’s desire by sheer willfulness is simply not amenable to linear analysis. We summon factors such as personality, intelligence, or luck to explain why some people know how to mine their dreams and accomplish great feats, and accumulate great wealth with practically nothing to start with.

It seems that people who can “will” their hopes and dreams into “actuality” shape their lives toward a steady trajectory so that every choice they make, big or small, is congruent with their “vision.” Often this process is not within their conscious awareness but instead done “intuitively.” Nothing is accidental or coincidental about their lives, and every bit that seems a product of chance is essentially a part of a larger scheme or blueprint. It is as if their whole being has been primed towards attaining a dream. They live, breathe, and thrive in the very essence of their dream.

“Let there be no ambivalence in your heart. Fashion your dream according to what your heart truly desires, then live the days for no other reason.”

The ability to crystallize and actualize dreams must depend on the natural endowment of the mind and the passion of the soul. The seed must have been planted even before the person has been conceived, for it appears immutable and impervious to the stunting influences of even the most unfavorable circumstances.

Is it possible that our fate is molded by our thoughts and actions in our lifetime? What if our life story, remarkable or ordinary, is fashioned by a single seed of thought that resides in our being even before our time?

Otherwise, how shall we explain monumental deeds by individuals that turn society back to the dark ages and those whose achievements bring crowning glory to human civilization within a single lifetime? How would you explain Hitler or Gandhi and their tremendous achievements? One was apocalyptic and the other humanistic, though each was driven by a single idea that defined them and became their lifetime vision.

Let there be no ambivalence in your heart. Fashion your dream according to your heart’s desires, then live the days for no other reason.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR  Dr. Fernando B. Perfas is an addiction specialist who has written several books and articles on the subject. He currently provides training and consulting services to various government and non-government drug treatment agencies regarding drug treatment and prevention approaches. He can be reached at fbperfas@gmail.com.

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