Ondoy Donations Through AANI Now U.S. Tax-Deductible

by Antero Martinez

We’re pleased to announce that all online donations for typhoon Ondoy victims sent through the AANI website are now U.S. tax-deductible.

The Ateneo Alumni Northeast, Inc. (AANI) in New York – the official alumni group in the U.S. Tri-state Region – will be channeling all online donations sent through the AANI website to the Philippine Jesuit Foundation (PJF), a duly registered and qualified charitable organization in the U.S. Your online donations through AANI (less PayPal fees of 2.9% + 0.30) will be remitted by the PJF to the Ateneo as quickly as possible.

Donations to the PJF are deductible gifts under the U.S. Tax Code Section 501(c)(3). Official receipts for individual donors – including those that have previously donated – can be issued upon request.

The AANI fundraising drive for typhoon Ondoy victims gives donors a safe, quick and convenient option to send online donations via credit card using PayPal. To make a secure online donation, visit the link below:


For those who want to send check donations, please feel free to send them directly to the PJF.  Send or mail the check with the donor’s (1) full name, (2) email address, and (3) postal address to:

Cristina Tabora
Executive Secretary, Philippine Jesuit Foundation
236 West 27th Street, Ninth Floor
New York, NY 10001, U.S.A.
Telephone (212) 627-2788, (212) 233-0888
Downloadable PJF Donation Form available at http://www.philjesuit.net/illhelp.asp

Please tell family, friends and colleagues about this important update to help the typhoon victims.

Thank you for your support.

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