Pennsylvania Fil Am Leaders Show Support For Romney, Ryan

by Joseph G. Lariosa


ROSEMONT, Illinois (jGLi) – Some Filipino Americans in Pennsylvania are getting their act together in this upcoming Nov. 6 presidential elections.

These Filipino Americans are part of what the 2010 Census says are the residents within the New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) of the estimated 217,349 Filipino Americans and Filipino Multiracial Americans, with an additional 15,631 in the greater New York-Newark-Bridgeport, NY-NJ-CT-PA CSA (Combined Statistical Area). They annually host the Philippine Independence Day Parade, which is traditionally held on the first Sunday of June at Madison Avenue in New York.

Ernesto Gange, a long-time resident of Bensalem, Pennsylvania, and an officer of the National Filipino American Coalition of the Republican Party, is trying to rally his fellow Filipino Americans to go out and vote in the upcoming elections.

The 72-year-old mom-and-pop businessman from Guimaras Island province in the Philippines, who was an accountant by profession in the Philippines, had presided over the National Filipino American Coalition of the Republican Party workshop during the 10th National Empowerment Conference and 5th Anniversary Celebration on Aug. 2-5, 2012 in Detroit, Michigan of the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA). Gange (pronounced gang – he) is in-charge of NaFFAA’s national membership campaign.

When he attended the 18th edition of the Gintong Pamana (Golden Heritage) Awards ceremony last Aug. 25 at the Hyatt Hotel at O’Hare at Rosemont, Illinois hosted by Fil Am Megascene and Gintong Pamana Foundation headed by Bart and Yoly Tubalinal, Gange was also here to extend moral support to awardee, Erlinda Sayson Limcaco, founding president of the International Network of Filipinos overseas, for Prism Award for Women of Styles & Achievements.”


Gange believes the Filipino American Republicans around the nation are now getting bigger. “Fifteen years ago, members of the Filipino American Republican Party can fit in a taxi. Now they can fit in a 757” (which can carry hundreds of passengers). “That is how humongous the size of Filipino American Republicans has come to be.”

He believes as the only Christian nation in Asia, Filipinos identify with the aspirations of former Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan, who oppose abortion.

Gange added the triple-digit jump of the economic deficit and the forceful effort of China to control the EZZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) of other countries, including the Philippines, at the Philippine Western Sea (South China Sea) are two other reasons why Filipino Americans should support Romney-Ryan tandem, which, he believes, is critical of Chinese intimidation.

“We will continue to hold workshops to drum up support for Messrs. Romney and Ryan at the homestretch of the campaign. We want to tell the Romney-Ryan campaign that if the Republican Party captures the White House, the government should address the Philippine Western Sea issue and tell China to abide by the 1982 United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) that limits navigation beyond the 12-nautical miles limit of UNCLOS signatory countries.

At the same time, Gange said, the Romney White House could urge the U.S. Senate to ratify UNCLOS so that the U.S. can check China’s overreach of its territory in the Philippine Western Sea (formerly South China Sea).

The retired former board member of the Pearl Buck Foundation urged his fellow Filipino Americans to put up their own Republican Party in their respective communities and get involved in the political process.

He paid tribute to other Filipinos American Republicans, who are actively campaigning for the candidates of the Grand Old Party (GOP). Gange noted that Filipino Americans in Nevada are gaining visibility and are stirring the pot to attract the uncommitted to vote for the Republican Party candidates.

Mr. Gange could be referring to some Filipino American leaders, including real estate businesswoman Fely A. Quitevis, a recent guest to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida and past chairman of Nye County, Nevada Republican Central Committee and Founding Chairman of the Asian-American Republicans of Nevada. Quitevis was accompanied at the GOP national convention by Las Vegas, Nevada Filipino American Minerva “Minnie” G. Wimperis, treasurer of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Nevada.  (


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