Pennsylvania unveils its new marketing campaign to attract businesses: “Pennsylvania Gets It Done”

by Ricky Rillera

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HARRISBURG, PA—First, Connecticut, of the New England division that recently launched a marketing campaign to boost its tourism industry. Now, it is Pennsylvania’s turn, which falls within the Middle Atlantic division, unveiling its own to support business attraction efforts in the Commonwealth. Both states are part of the Northeastern region of the U.S.

The Keystone State unleashed its campaign dubbed “Pennsylvania Gets It Done.” Launched by the Department of Community Development (DCED) headed by Rick Siger, the campaign runs through April in New York City, Chicago, and statewide across Pennsylvania and targets business executives and site selection consultants.

According to DCED, the campaign builds on the growing momentum from the Commonwealth’s new ten-year Economic Development Strategy, which launched in January, and reinforces Governor Josh Shapiro’s proposed 2024-25 budget. The Governor’s budget includes $600 million in new and expanded investments to enhance DCED’s ability to implement the new ten-year strategic plan.

Pennsylvania Gets It Done” emphasizes that the state is a place where things get done efficiently and effectively, and its key focus areas include:

Key Industries: Showcases Pennsylvania’s vital industries, including energy and agriculture.
Skilled Workforce: Highlights the state’s skilled graduate and diverse talent pool; and,
Business-Friendly Environment: Reinforces the state’s ranking as one of the top states to start and run a business.

“To compete for the attraction and retention of new and existing businesses, we must invest in economic development and aggressively market Pennsylvania as a great place to do business,” said Secretary Siger. “Pennsylvania Gets It Done is a dynamic and impactful business attraction campaign that will build greater awareness around our economic development strategy and motivate business leaders in the Commonwealth and beyond our borders to rediscover all that Pennsylvania has to offer.”

In Pennsylvania, through DCED, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh and the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation offer several incentives to encourage companies to relocate or expand within the state. Some notable programs include:

  • PA SITES Grant Program: A $10 million pilot program provides grant funding to create shovel-ready sites for businesses looking to relocate or expand in Pennsylvania. It aims to enhance the attractiveness of potential business locations.
  • Keystone Innovative Zone Tax Credit Program (KIZ): Rapidly growing companies in designated Keystone Innovation Zones may be eligible for tax credits. These credits can amount to 50% of year-over-year revenue growth up to a maximum of $100,000 annually for up to seven years
  • Business Relocation Services: Various state, regional, and local opportunities are available for businesses relocating and expanding in Pennsylvania. These incentives are tailored to specific criteria and can provide additional support beyond financing
  • Advanced E-Business Systems Grants: Not-for-profit organizations and community groups can access grants to position themselves at the cutting edge of emerging technologies. These grants aim to establish a competitive advantage through the use of advanced e-business systems
  • Certified Economic Development Organizations (CEDOs): CEDOs offer assistance and resources to Pennsylvania businesses seeking funding for their expansion, community projects, or site revitalization. They can guide businesses through available programs and funding options.

These incentives are subject to eligibility criteria and specific program guidelines. Businesses interested in relocating or expanding in Pennsylvania should explore these opportunities further to determine the best fit for their needs.

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