Philippine Embassy in Rome sends team to Abruzzo

by Kobakila News

ABRUZZO (Apr. 7) — According to Philippine Embassy officials in Rome, Italy, Labor Attache’ Manuel Roldan and Welfare Officer Andelyn Gregorio have been dispatched to L’Aquila, to provide assistance to Filipinos affected by the earthquake which hit the region of Abruzzo yesterday, April 6.

L’Aquila is the capital of Abruzzo and is approximately two to three hours from Rome. It was reported that a Filipino sustainend minor injuries on the hand and face.

Filipinos have been advised to proceed to the emergency center set by the Civil Protection Office tasked by the Italian government to provide medical, food, shelter, and other services to those affected by the earthquake.

The Embassy has said that it received information that the small group of Filipinos who earlier stayed at an area in Cansatessa to seek shelter, has already left for the emergency center.

The city of L’Aquila – ‘Eagle’ in Italian – nestles in the mountainous Abruzzo region, overlooked by the highest mountain on the Italian peninsula.

Lying in a valley surrounded by the Apennine mountains, the medieval walled city looks up at Corno Grande’s peak.

L’Aquila, 95km north-east of Rome, is the main historical and artistic centre of Abruzzo, with a university and the National Museum of the Abruzzi.

It is also home to about 70,000 citizens who live among its winding narrow streets and more modern apartments on the outskirts of the administrative capital.

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