PIDCI Issues Calls For Candidates

by Kobakila News


NEW YORK – The Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. (PIDCI) has issued the call for candidates for President and seven (7) members of the Board of Directors for elections Saturday, October 6, 2012.

The PIDCI President has a term of one year while the Board of Directors will have terms of two years.

A postmark deadline of Friday, September 7, 2012 for Certificates of Candidacy has been set by PIDCI Election Committee.  Only mailed Certificates are accepted for certification.

Capsule description of qualifications for the positions up for election are:

•   Board of Directors [Article III – By Laws]:

  1. Must be of Filipino ancestry;
  2. Must have directly participated in community activities celebrating major events;
  3. Must be a member of a Regular Member organization of PIDCI;
  4. Must support the goals of PIDCI;
  5. Must subscribe to the By-Laws of PIDCI;
  6. Must be willing to uphold the policies and programs of PIDCI;
  7. Must promote the spirit of cooperation;
  8. Must faithfully abide with the duties and responsibilities set forth in the New York Corporation Law governing 501 (c) 3 organization; and
  9. Must not have held office of Director of PIDCI for more than two consecutive terms (immediately before this coming election).

•    President [Article IV, Section 3]:

  1. Must have served as a member of the Board of Directors of PIDCI.
  2. The period of service as Director of PIDCI must be for at least one (1) year [Article IV, Section 3, Paragraph D];
  3. Must possess all the qualifications and meet all the requirements for Board of Directors stated above [Article III], except number 9.

Certificates of candidacy may be obtained by calling any of the following:

Election Committee Chairman Romy Somodio (914) 715-1838, or Co-chairmen Enrique “Rey” Flores (201) 417-3622, Antero “Ner” Martinez (347) 837-5853, or PIDCI President Fe Martinez (973) 222-0085.

The Certificate of Candidacy must be mailed to PIDCI before or by Friday, September 7, 2012 (postmark deadline) to qualify for certification to:

PIDCI Election Committee
Greenwich CT  06830-6804

This year’s PIDCI President is Fe Martinez.  The outgoing members of the Board of Directors are Art Diongon (who is also this year’s Vice President), Raul Estrellado, Tess Lobo, Antero “Ner” Martinez (currently Secretary), Elvira Reyes and Dr. Benjie Santos, Jr.

Those who will remain for their last year on the Board are Albert Diala (current Treasurer), Rey Flores, Angelita Molina, Romeo Somodio, Joyce Castillo and Violeta McGough.

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