Pope Francis Declines Offer Of A New Chalice; Decides To Use An Old One

by Joseph G. Lariosa

CHICAGO (JGL) – When a rich man offered to buy a new chalice that he will lift up during his Masses in the Philippines during the coming weekend, Pope Francis courteously declined the offer after knowing that there is a hand-me-down that he still can use.

One of the members of the Filipino entourage in Pope Francis’ trip to the Philippines told this reporter over email messages that Pope Francis has settled on using the same chalice his predecessor used 20 years ago when then Pope and now St. Paul VI celebrated mass during his Papal visit in 1995.

The member of the entourage, who declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak on the matter, said, “May mayaman ba na tao gusto siyang (Pope Francis) na ipagawa ng magandang chalice at ciborium but the Pope said, “I want it simple.” (There was a rich man, who wanted to provide the Pope with a beautiful chalice and ciborium, but the Pope said, “I want it simple.”

The Pope came to this decision upon learning that his predecessor, Pope Paul VI, still has the same old chalice and ciborium in the old storage.

“Dahil meron namang lumang chalice at cimborio, sabi ng Pope, ‘yon na lang luma gagamitin ko para hindi na siyang (mayamang donor) gumastos ng mamahalin noong malaman ng Pope na may lumang chalice na ginamit si Pope Paul VI,” (Because there is an old chalice and cimborio, according to Pope, “I will just use the old chalice so the rich donor will no longer invest in buying an expensive one specially after knowing that there is an old chalice and cimborio lying around.), according to a source of the Journal GlobaLinks (JGL).

So, when Pope Francis celebrates mass in his trip to the Philippines this coming weekend, he will be dusting up the old chalice and cimborio of Paul Paul VI found in an old Vatican warehouse.


Pope Francis sent word that the rich donor may instead make a donation on behalf of the Catholic Church to the poor people.

When Pope Francis also learned that the poor Filipino masses can only afford to travel in the Philippines on board a locally made passenger general purpose (GP or Jeep) vehicle, he would like to travel by jeepney also, instead of an expensive limousine service, when he is in the Philippines.

The decision of the Pope to avoid wallowing in luxury was shown early in his Papacy when he declined not to move into the papal apartment used by his predecessor Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and others before him, preferring instead to stay in a simple suite at a Vatican hotel.

The papal apartment on the top floor of the Apostolic Palace was ready for the new pontiff to move into but Pope Francis has decided to stay at the Casa Santa Marta, the residence where he’s been staying since the papal election last March 2013.

Francis, the first Jesuit to assume the papacy, has become widely known for his embrace of simplicity and humility since he became pope.

The former Cardinal Mario Jose Bergoglio spoke of his desire to see the Roman Catholic Church to be a “poor church, for the poor,” and his sermons have focused on the need to look after the needy and sick, as well as the natural world.

The pope’s decision to remain in Casa Santa Marta is consistent with his track record.

While serving as archbishop in Buenos Aires, he declined to live in the archbishop’s palace, choosing instead to live in a simple apartment. He also passed on a chauffeured limousine, preferring to take the bus with ordinary people, and he cooked his own meals.

The Pope’s simplicity has rubbed off on another archbishop, new Chicago Archbishop Blasé J. Cupich (pronounced soo-pich) to eschew opulence. Cupich took over from outgoing Cardinal George, who retired on health issues. Archbishop Cupich decided to live at Holy Name Cathedral rectory, more modest than the North State Parkway mansion where previous Chicago archbishops have resided.

“In his ministry as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Bergoglio used to celebrate the Mass in a prison or hospital or hospice for the poor and marginalized,” the Vatican said in a statement, using the name Francis used before he became pope.

“With this celebration at Casal del Marmo, Pope Francis will continue his custom, which is characterized by its humble context,” the Vatican said.

Meanwhile, the Pope accepted the stola vestment given to him by Bishop Angelo Beccu, in charge of General Affairs of the Vatican. The Pope will use the vestment during the masses that he will celebrate, according to Bishop Beccu’s friend, Filipino priest, Fr. Dante. This information was relayed to this reporter by Filipino Brother Carmelo Cortez, one of the Filipino delegation, accompanying Pope Francis’ weeklong two-nation Asian trip.

Pope Francis arrived in the Philippines on Thursday at 5:45 p.m. Manila Time.



POPE FRANCIS (Contributed photo)

CHALICE: This chalice used by St. and Pope Paul VI during the mass in the Philippines in 1995 has been dusted so the visiting Pope Francis can use the same during his celebration of masses in island’s Catholic nation this coming weekend. Pope Francis, instead, asked a rich donor, who wanted to make him a new chalice and cimborio, to donate the money to buy a new chalice and cimborio to the poor in the name of the Catholic Church. (JGL contributed photo)

STOLA VESTMENT: A Filipino priest, Father Dante, shows the stola vestment that Pope Francis is going to wear when he celebrates masses in the Philippines this weekend. (JGL Photo by Brother Carmelo Cortez. Used with permission.)

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