Ranked Choice Voting: AAF’s “Raise AAPI Voices” first video in a series


Raise AAPI Voices | Photo via Asian American Federation

NEW YORK — With the City Council in New York City primary elections coming up on June 22, 35 out of 51 council seats are up for grabs. The Asian American Federation (AAF) is releasing Ranked Choice Voting, its first Raise AAPI Voices videos.

These videos are meant to educate Asian New Yorkers about the Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) system, the value of joining community boards, providing feedback to the City Council, and other ways to engage with the city’s civic institutions informative and fun way.

In the past, AAF said turn-out among Asian voters has been lower than other communities in New York City. AAF’s Raise AAPI Votes series aims to ensure that Asian voters actively participate in the democratic process and that decision-makers hear their needs and opinions in the government.

The video is available in 6 languages: Bangladeshi, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tagalog, in addition to English. The RCV video is viewable at bit.ly/aaf-rcv.

AAF will release additional videos in the series bi-weekly and will cover several topics such as”

What is a Community Board? – June 23
How to Join a Community Board – July 7
How to Provide Feedback to City Council – July 23
Local Elected Offices Explained – August 4

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