Resolution conferring honorary citizenship to 4 US lawmakers filed

by Kobakila News

MANILA (Apr. 4) — In grateful recognition to US lawmakers’role in the fulfillment of Filipino Veterans’fight for justice, four US lawmakers who supported a measure granting compensation to Filipino World War II veterans may be recognized with honorary Filipino citizenship.

House Resolutions 1012 to 1015, seeking honorary Filipino citizenship for US Senators Theodore Stevens, Daniel Inouye and Daniel Akaka, and Rep. Bob Filner were filed ON FeB. 18, 2009 by Rep. Antonio Diaz (Zambales), chair of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs and Welfare. Diaz hopes Congress will act on these bills favorably. These which are now pending with the Committee on Justice since Feb. 24, favorably.

“Their leadership in both the US Senate and Hosue of Representatives greatly contributed to the realization of the aspiration for a better life of some 18,000 Filipino veterans who are now in their twilight years,” he said.

During the 110th U.S. Congress, Senators Stevens, Inouye and Akaka principally sponsored S1315, the “Filipino Veterans Equity Bill.”

Filner filed a counterpart measure at the House of Representatives.

The measures led to the inclusion of a one-time lump sum compensation for Filipino veterans living in the Philippines and in the US in the Stimulus Package Bill signed into law by US President Barack Obama II.

Filipino veterans in the US stand to get $15,000, and those in the Philippines are to get $9,000.

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