Return The Belt: Pro-Pacquiao Group Tells Bradley

by Joseph G. Lariosa

CHICAGO (jGLi) – A Filipino American group on Thursday, June 14, joined a popular clamor, asking American boxing champion Tim Bradley to return the WBO welterweight title taken away by two of three judges from Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao and give it back to Mr. Pacquiao.

Earlier, a Pacquiao rival and critic, former world boxing champion Oscar de la Hoya, tweeted, “Bradley should have given the belt and announced victory to Pacquiao right after the decision.”

In an open letter to Mr. Bradley, lawyer Arnedo Valera of the Migrant Heritage Commission based in Washington, D.C. told Bradley to give up the belt because “you lost to a boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, fair and square.

“By giving up the belt, the MHC believes that it is the right thing to do and the entire world will hail you as an honorable boxer.

“You, yourself, had issued an unusual remark when you were declared a winner, saying that you will review the tapes to see if you won. You made a public statement of your own doubt as a winner. Hence, we urge you, Mr. Bradley, to do the right thing, which is to give up the belt.

Aside from Attorney Valera, the other signatories to the letter are Grace Valera Jaramillo and Jesse Gatchalian, all officers of the not-for-profit MHC.  They will also ask the World Boxing Organization to investigate the fight, as well as the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s existing policies so that it can make the necessary changes to avoid such subjective decision in future boxing bouts that have caused uproar around the world and in effect has undermined the credibility and integrity of the WBO and the multi-billion dollar sport of boxing.

“We underscore the importance of using computer statistics and modern technology as the objective criteria and guide for any decision of the boxing judges.”


Meanwhile, Jennifer M. Lopez, a spokesperson of the Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, confirmed to this reporter that Bob Arum of Top Rank, Inc. has submitted a complaint about the decision in the Pacquiao-Bradley fight.

“We are treating this complaint like any other complaint our office receives.

“We will review the information submitted and take appropriate action if necessary. “Per standard office policy procedures, we do not confirm or deny if we have an ongoing criminal investigation.”

Meanwhile, De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Sr. both earlier said the eight-time world champion Pacquiao should have easily retained his World Boxing Organization welterweight title instead of losing it by split decision.

De La Hoya, the former Golden Boy of boxing, was forced to quit on his stool and to eventual retirement by Pacquiao in 2008.Floyd, father and namesake of Pacquiao’s erstwhile pound-for-pound rival, said that although he didn’t score the fight, he knew that Pacquiao won.

“I felt like there was a gap, where you could see who’s winning,” said Mayweather, who didn’t discount the possibility of his imprisoned son figuring in a megabuck bout with Pacquiao in the future.

The younger Mayweather is serving his 87-day jail sentence for domestic battery.  Bradley’s split decision did not sit well either with other Pacquiao admirers as well as boxing and martial arts experts.Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, hit the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Twitter for allowing another blockbuster bout to reek of conspiracy.

ESPN boxing analyst and trainer Teddy Atlas, on the other hand, told @SportsCenter that boxing is a corrupt sport and the decision was tainted. (

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