Roxas accepts Aquino’s offer

by Kobakila News

MANILA (Sept. 22) — In response to Lakas-Kampi (Kabalikat ng Malayang Pilipino)-CMD party’s choice of Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr. as its presidential bet in 2010, Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas II yesterday formally declared that he is running for vice president, making official the Liberal Party tandem Aquino-Roxas for 2010.

Roxas made the announcement at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan. He told LP stalwarts and members, and their supporters — most of them wearing yellow shirts — he was accepting the challenge to pursue true reforms in the country.

“I am wholeheartedly accepting the responsibility to be Noynoy’s running mate in our fight for change,” he said.

Roxas said the fight was about the people’s thirst for change finally overcoming those who want to continue the “tayu-tayo (we) system, the horse-trading, the greed, the self-interest, the transactional politics that has been the biggest roadblock to progress and prosperity for all.”

Admitting that this fight would be a tough battle, the senator then urged the public not to be lulled into complacency.

“We are up against forces who will fight tooth and nail, fair and unfair, legal and illegal, against us. For them, the good life will continue; for us, the fight will continue),” he said.

After declaring his presidential bid last September 9, 2009, Aquino disclosed that he had offered the vice presidential post to Roxas, who gave up his presidential ambition for Aquino.

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