Sharon and daughter, KC lead megaconcert at NJPAC

by Kobakila News

NEW JERSEY (May 12) —  The East Coast has recently been “showered” with a great number of entertainment productions which, admittedly, became much needed joie de vivre juxtaposed just in time with the prevailing harshness of living brought about by the economic meltdown.

After a series of successful shows by quite a number of popular talents from Manila (and even some parts of the world), there’s still a vacuum left void and empty that’s wanting to be filled… a spot solely intended for one particular performer… a space meant only for somebody of galactic status… a specially carved bezel fitted just for a precious gem— like the Philippine show business one and only Megastar, Sharon Cuneta!

The Star
There were concerts and there were shows, then here comes a much-awaited entertainment production with a gigantic headliner in the person of Sharon Cuneta and her equally marvelous guest, her Mega-daughter KC Concepcion.

Beaming with pride and confidently emitting that certain measure of might only somebody of Sharon’s magnitude could muster, the Megastar assures her fans and avid followers a great performance and an entertainment-loaded evening with an impressive repertoire of old, romantic, sentimental and even patriotic and novelty ditties.

“I have extensively prepared a diverse collection in my repertoire just to be able to meet everybody’s musical preference. I want my songs to really reach out to all and in the process, be able to touch their own personal lives… even just through my kind of music!” Sharon sincerely states in jest. “In the course of my busy schedule, I want to take this rare opportunity to thank them for always being there for me… through thick and thin… so this concert is really for them.”

After spending a little more than three decades in the business and a career spanning the same amount of time that elapsed since she chose to enter and hugged the limelight, the name Sharon Cuneta is already synonymous to a performer with a class act. After having had proven her worth as a singer (with 7 top selling singles, more than 38 albums, over 20 concerts and being recognized with numerous awards), as an actress (with 16 Best Actress Awards and a Grand Slam record holder from her movie “Madrasta”), an outstanding TV host (with 5 “Best Female TV Host” awards), one of the most in-demand product endorsers (having been acknowledged as the “Most Effective Product Endorser”), and a dutiful wife to Sen. Kiko Pangilinan and responsible mother to KC, Frankie and Miel.

There never is a star that seems to even (at least) be at par with the Megastar. She comfortably sits unrivaled in the spot that’s meant solely for a star gifted with a magnanimous talent, a classy personality and an innate enticing mass appeal. Surely, it will take some time before another Megastar shines in the local showbiz firmament.

The Producer
Answering to the insistent demand and endless clamor of the concert-going public, MPG Global Productions, the same entertainment outfit that brought us the ambitiously conceived yet fabulously sensational DIVAS 4 DIVAS Concert at the Atlantic City last March 21, once again brings to the fore another huge project that’s worth-watching: Sharon Cuneta’s MEGATHIRTY TOUR 2009 together with the current princess of the Philippine movies, KC Concepcion… plus a bevy of fresh and promising local talents.

“The up-coming Megathirty concert promises another evening filled with grandiose moments. It was my intention to at least duplicate Divas 4 Divas success in terms of quality show, attendance and box-office returns, if not to really surpass its existing record,” quipped the very amiable MPG lady boss Mely “Bing” Pechangco Gabriel. “There’s no stopping after this. Since I’ve started promoting shows of this kind, I don’t have to prove to anybody my capacity as producer but to myself. As much as possible, I want to befriend my colleagues in the field to create a harmonious environment for the entertainment business in the region… whereby, the public will be benefiting all the best results in the end.”

The Venue
The magnificent New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) became the 6th largest world-class cultural complex in the USA in just its opening night in October 18, 1997. Accessibly located in One Center, Newark, New Jersey (07102), the said modern-day architectural wonder has ably showcased some of the world’s well-known artists, cultural icons, and most cherished orchestral, dance, theater, and instrumental works.

NJPAC prides itself for having designed and executed the Prudential Hall based on international standards. Not a few has repeatedly praised NJPAC Prudential Hall as one of the world’s greatest concert halls… with its huge capacity of 2,750 to 3,000 seats. Breathtakingly glamorous, classical in form and spirit, the Prudential Hall has four-tiered and horseshoe-shaped fully lighted room in gorgeous red and gold motif. The East Coast region has not seen a venue as fabulous as the Prudential Hall since Philip Johnson’s New York State Theater which opened three decades ago.
Sharon Cuneta (and her MEGATHIRTY Tour 2009) deserves nothing but only the best venue fitted for a royalty like the Megastar… and so are her fans and the concert-goers who’ll watch her rare public appearance. A Megastar begets a Mega-venue— the NJPAC Prudential Hall.

Save the date: Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 3:00 PM and reserve a seat now at the NJPAC Prudential Hall in Newark, New Jersey.

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