It’s showtime! Sharon Cuneta and KC Concepcion take center stage this Sunday

by Bobby T. Yalong

After almost a month of anticipation, the most-awaited event to experience a rare moment of excitement all wrapped in an entertainment package from this side of the East Coast — is finally unfolding this Sunday, May 31.

All wheels and GPS units simultaneously veer towards the NJPAC Prudential Hall in Newark, New Jersey for Sharon Cuneta’s MEGATHIRTY TOUR 2009.

Tensions and excitements are enormously building high at this instance for the producer and enthusiastic fans, respectively. Last minute ticket sales registered a record high that lightens MPG Global Productions’ almost surmounting worries… thus only proving the Megastar’s undiminished box office appeal.

Enjoying a most revered status in show business is an enviable stature hard to achieve (or, should I say, earn…?) much less, maintain… but Sharon Cuneta more than accomplished such — a feat hard to duplicate… and solely reigned supreme the megastar “throne” with a capable successor farthest from having one.

Even in the early phase of her veritable career spanning three decades, Sharon Cuneta has proven herself worthy of the endearment and unconditional support accorded her by her millions of adoring fans and avid followers. She is one shining star that doesn’t glitter from the merits of other source but merely by the prolific talents that profusely emanate from within her.

The grandiose “Megastar” tag becomingly fits her to a “T” leaving no cloud of doubt or even the slightest wisp of protestation from not a few hard-to-please critics. Seemingly, the word “megastar” was intentionally coined to aptly encompass the total magnanimity of Sharon’s status and her unprecedented (and uncontested) accomplishments.

Sharon Cuneta never fails to induce excitement and curiosity each time she performs for her fans across the seas… although she has nothing more to prove her worth and unparalleled versatility.

“I always feel indebted to all my fans and loyal followers who never cease to support me even in those trying times… and now, they’re also there for KC. That’s why I always strive to have something new to offer in my every performance… my peculiar way of giving back. They deserve all the best I could deliver.” Was Sharon’s sentimental pronouncement in an impishly humble manner and sincere tone that deliberately contributed to her being catapulted to such megastar status.

“This time, I’m just too eager to perform for them again after a long absence. I promise to give them the best entertainment they truly deserve… they are definitely a part of my MEGATHIRTY TOUR 2009. My fans have been supportive of my career for as long as I’ve been in the business!”

And true enough, there’s something new from Sharon. This time an unusual album of Tagalog and English nursery and lullaby songs recorded in a two-disc set of “Children’s Rhymes & Lullabies” with an audio CD and music minus one that kids would love to hear and sing along with. Being a dutiful mother herself, Sharon initially thought of this project as early as when she was still heavily pregnant with KC but due to her hectic commitments, it was (temporarily) shelved and set aside. And finally, after two more daughters (Kakie & Miel), the plan veritably pushed through, released and successfully launched.

“This is actually a labor of love… something especially for the kids who were born abroad… something to aid the parents in introducing Philippine family foundation to their young children.”

With such captivating verve and vitality, innate talent and effervescent beauty coupled with an enticing charisma all her own, Sharon’s eldest daughter (courtesy of former screen matinee idol Gabby Concepcion) Kristina Cassandra (most popularly addressed as KC Concepcion), finally hugged the limelight and joined her mom in the field where she was literally conceived, nurtured and brought up with distinct familiarity.

After less than two years in show business, KC prides herself with a major full length TV exposure, two certified box office hit movies, a well-deserved acting award, and numerous product endorsement projects, undoubtedly proving her most welcome addition to the roster of fresh talents predominantly mushrooming in the Philippine entertainment arena… although, KC’s case is an exemption— having been already publicly popular even before she officially entered the scene.

Sharon Cuneta’s MEGATHIRTY TOUR 2009 is the sum total of her three decades in the business where she has enjoyably devoted more than half of her life… doing what she does best— entertaining through her own brand of music. Together with KC, the NJPAC Prudential Hall stage is sure to sizzle with the (mother and daughter) tandem’s fully-packed, well conceptualized repertoire.


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