Son Of Murdered Couple Identifies Killer

by Joseph G. Lariosa

ROCKFORD, Illinois (jGLi) – Reyle Cardino positively identified Wednesday (May 2) Ommarian T. Jones in court here as he met Jones for the first time since they fought each other nearly three years ago when Reyle surprised Jones killing his parents at his parents’ home at Pleasant View in this suburban city.

“That guy, the defendant over there,” is Jones, Cardino, 54, said when asked by Winnebago State prosecutors led by Joe Bruscato if the man he had struggled with was in the court room.

Reyle had earlier picked out Jones in photo lineup.

It was the second time that Jones, 27, was tied to the crime scene. Prosecutors have established DNA samples found in household cleaning gloves and on a black ski mask matched Jones.

Cardino said when he entered his parents’ home, he saw a stranger in the kitchen, who turned out to be Jones.  They grappled and fell down the stairs into the basement. Reyle suffered bruises and injuries during their fight.

Reyle was rushed to the hospital with cuts on his face, arms, back, legs and body. Police showed during the trial last Friday photos of Reyle’s bloodied face. He also had bite marks, in his neck, where he was bitten during the fight.

According to the police, Jones admitted that he fought Reyle, whom he was “trying to get off me. He wouldn’t let go.”

Public Defender Shelton Green earlier questioned DNA samples “excluded from additional types” of DNA samples that could belong to the “real killer.” Judge Ronald White told the jurors to disregard Mr. Green’s observation.


Heather May of the Illinois State Police crime lab earlier isolated the DNA of “four players found in a mixture,” which belonged to Jones, Reyle, Reyle’s parents, retired mechanic Reynato Cardino, 77, and his wife Leticia “Letie” Cardino, 75, who were bludgeoned with a hammer by Jones in the early evening of July 9, 2009.

Although, the braided-haired Jones pleaded not guilty to the double murder charges, Public Defender Shelton Green told this reporter Jones is not going to testify during the trial by an all-white jury, composed of six men and six women.
Photos presented by prosecution showed kitchen floor, pillow stained with couple’s blood that also smeared the ceiling, the ceiling fan and the walls of the house.

The mangled bodies of the Cardinos were found in a bathtub after the slayings.

Earlier, photos and video footages from security camera from JC Penny were shown to establish that the Cardino couple was in the store between 4:28 p.m. and 5:06 p.m. before the murder caused by a botched robbery.

Also placed on the witness stand was Reyle’s daughter, Tatina Cardino, who testified that earlier in the day, she was in her grandparents home, accessing the computer. But when there was power failure, Tatina said, she left because she could no longer turn on the computer. It was about 1:30 p.m.

Trial resumes Thursday at the Winnebago County Court before 17th Circuit Court Judge White.

Jones was arrested more than a week after the Cardinos were found dead in their Pleasant View Avenue home.  He is a neighbor of the Cardinos.

Jones was charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the “blunt instrument” killing of the elderly Cardino couple and home invasion.
If convicted of murders, Jones could be sentenced to natural life or death penalty.

Reynaldo V. Cardino was a native of Sapang Dalaga while Leticia Cardino was born in Baliangao, both in Misamis Occidental in the Philippines. (

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