Swift justice sought on killers of woman found stuffed in a steel drum

by Kobakila News

MANILA (June 12) — Former Cavite Rep. and Nacionalista Party spokesperson Gilbert Remulla has urged authorities to bring to swift justice the killers of Ruby Rose Barrameda, sister of actress and former beauty queen Rochelle Barrameda.

More than two years after she was first reported missing on March 27, 2007, the remains of 27-year-old Ruby Rose, a mother of two, were discovered Wednesday stuffed in a steel drum filled with concrete and encased in another welded metal box.

The metal box was fished out of the murky waters of Navotas after the victim’s family was tipped off by an informant looking to strike a deal with the authorities for a lesser penalty.

In a statement, Remulla said “no effort should be spared to pin down the doers of this awfully hateful and dastardly crime. They deserve to rot in prison.”

According to Remulla, Camp Crame should also look into reports that Ruby Rose was murdered to her from exposing the alleged illicit activities of her estranged in-laws.

“This is a very grave allegation that cannot just be swept under the rug,” Remulla said.

According to the statement, the police have already filed murder charges against Ruby Rose’s suspected killers and the informant, who claimed in an affidavit that Ruby Rose was abducted and killed on the same day inside a warehouse.

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