Taser Gunshots Fail To Subdue FilAm Mother Of Two, Says Sheriff

by Joseph G. Lariosa

CHICAGO (FAXX/jGLi) – If there is nothing wrong with the Taser gun, it is very likely that Filipino American Mylene “Mhai” De Leon Scott, who was described as  “possessed” and under a “psychotic break,” appeared to be getting strength from a higher power after she was hit with a Taser. She struggled to talk but no word came out of her mouth during the standoff.

Loudoun County, Virginia Sheriff’s Deputy M. Safford “tased” Ms. Scott but the Taser’s dart did not deploy. He “squeezed the trigger of the Taser again and again, it did not (deploy). And it deployed on the third attempt. It didn’t sound (a buzzing sound) like a normal Taser deployment.”

According to another Deputy J. Hacey, “I saw a dart hit her in the upper right rear arm/shoulder. (The other dart hit her buttock area.) She turned around and gave us the look of the Exorcist like you (expletives) I am going to kill you. Before I knew it, she was gone. She had the knife (13-inch, five-inch handle, eight-inch blade) in her hand and (a pair of scissors on the other) took off in the direction of Deputies A. Raughley and K. Foster,” who was moving away and shot Ms. Scott point blank five times, four them found their mark with an HK P30 .40 caliber pistol. She died on the scene. The fifth shot hit another deputy, Safford, who was struck in the left calf.

Ms. Scott, a 38-year-old divorcee mother of two, took a few steps and falling down the floor, 19 feet from the east end of the aisle, still clutching the knife and the scissors.

Louduon County Commonwealth’s Attorney James E. Plowman is awaiting the result of the analysis of the Taser if it malfunctioned as well as the autopsy report. Mr. Plowman declassified a 37-page investigation report last July 29 surrounding the death of Ms. Scott, which was described as “justifiable homicide.”

If the Taser did malfunction, it would explain why Ms. Scott appeared invincible. If it did not malfunction, perhaps, Ms. Scott would have been still alive today as there would be no more need to shoot her with the pistol.

Although Taser is considered by the United Nations Committee Against Torture as an instrument of torture for provoking “extreme pain” as electric current radiates thru the body of someone hit by it and despite numerous accidental deaths, it is still the preferred non-lethal tool used by Sheriff’s deputies and other policemen among responders, instead of a baton or truncheon.

A baton or truncheon would have been a less lethal but effective instrument in striking the knife and scissors out of the hands of Ms. Scott, who was gunned down at about 3 p.m. on May 29, 2013 inside the discount Costco store chain in Sterling, Virginia.

If the knife and the scissors were out of her hands, Deputy Safford would not have been hurt either as there was no more reason to shoot Ms. Scott.

Ms. Scott, who was food demonstrator of CDS, a company that contracts with Costco to handle food demonstration, was reported to be having “some kind of psychotic episode and was making random statements that were not making sense” earlier that day.


P.D., a CDS supervisor, said Ms. Scott was complaining about the pizza serving size as being too small. As food demonstrator, Ms. Scott was the one who waits the pizza on Costco customer as a product food sample.

R.H., 50-year-old female front end manager of Costco, observed Ms. Scott holding a large knife used to carve a roast beef that is also being made available as food sample in another corner of Costco. Ms. Scott was also holding another pair of scissor on the other hand.

D. M., 44, male trainer of Ms. Scott, heard her complain of a pizza cart oven not working correctly. When D. M. checked the oven, he found nothing wrong. He saw “fire in her eyes. Anger like I’ve never seen before, she had a strange look on her face, it was scary.”

Ms. Scott told M.A., her male co-employee, “I will protect my people. I will fight for my daughters. She accused them of being controlled by her ex-husband, saying, ‘you always outsmart me. Not this time. I am not afraid of you.’” The previous month, Ms. Scott told M.A., “it’s all a conspiracy with the number two.”

P.D. and L.Q., another manager, heard from Ms. Scott complaining, “How’s this world doing outside?” “Why does the carpet smell this way” and “What’s going to happen to my daughters?”

At this point, Ms. Scott was told by one of two managers to close her cart and take the rest of the day off “but she needed to put the knife down first.” When she refused, the managers called 9-1-1 and the Sheriff’s Deputies arrived.

The Deputies told her several times to drop the knife and the scissors, which she refused, prompting them to fire the Taser and later the pistol at her.

Although, he was not retained by the heirs or estate of Ms. Scott as a lawyer, Filipino American human rights and executive director of Migrant Heritage Commission based in Fairfax, Virginia, Arnedo Valera, said, “I am strongly suggesting whoever their civil lawyer is, to file a wrongful death suit. MHC ‘s main interest, like other Fil Am groups, is to bring this unfair decisions for review by the Virginia Attorney General and even to the Virginia Governor’s office for independent probe and investigation.”


On Feb. 28, 2012, New Albany, Ohio Police were called by Mr. Scott to their home, regarding the text messages he received from Ms. Scott:

“Satan is the most powerful and he will win over god

“There is no other god than Satan”

“Do not stop the war”

“Satan, Satan, do not stop violence

“I command you Satan do the violence now

“Don’t save the children.”

Responding officers found their two children, 10 and 7, upset and scared in their home’s upstairs closet, as Ms. Scott was found irrational and frantic. She was later transported to Ohio State University Hospital for mental evaluation as she was “disorganized, agitated and confrontational.”

When she said someone was trying to steal her identity, she was described as having “new onset psychosis.” She was prescribed anti-psychotic Haloperidol.

The whole episode was described as “psychotic break” and Ms. Scott lost custody of her children. She could only have “unsupervised visit with her children until approved by her counselor and psychiatrist.”

She relocated to Northern Virginia last July 10, 2012 and was diagnosed with a Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Brief Psychotic Disorder. Her last doctor’s appointment was March 9, 2013 and she was reported not taking her medications the past months.

She was advised to restart her medications. The next scheduled appointment would have been June 6, 2013. (lariosa_jos@sbcglobal.net)
Photo caption:

Photo of Mylene “Mhai” De Leon Scott. (FAXX/jGLi Photograb from ABS-CBN TV Balitang America report)

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