Two Filipino golfers honored by RP Ambassador to the US

by Kobakila News

WASHINGTON, DC (June 21) — Two Filipino professional golfers were honored last week by the Philippine Ambassador Willy C. Gaa. Jennifer Rosales and Dorothy Delasin beamed with pride following awarding ceremonies for the “Golden Cultural Heritage Award at the sidelines of the McDonald’s LPGA Championship.

Philippine flags were pinned on Rosales and Delasin and certificates were given by Ambassador Gaa in recognition of their ““outstanding and meritorious contributions to raising awareness of and deepening appreciation for the Philippines, Filipino culture and the Filipino people through excellence at the highest level of professional golf.”

The pinning was part of the ceremonies for the “Golden Cultural Heritage Award” conferred by Ambassador Gaa at the sidelines of the McDonald’s LPGA Cup at Havre De Grace, Maryland. The recognition is part of the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C.’s month-long commemoration of the 111th Anniversary of Philippine Independence which highlights the achievements of Filipinos and Filipino Americans. Rosales and Delasin won the 2008 Women’s World Cup of Golf in South Africa.

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