Two Filipinos Compete For World 10-Ball Championship Honors

by Kobakila News


MANILA — Out of nine Filipino women aspirants in the Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championship two remain in the field.  The former World Champion Rubilen Amit and 13-year old prodigy Cheska Centeno meet today for the championship title. Both made it through the tough round robin stage of the event.

Amit dropped her match yesterday to Taiwan’s Y.T. Chan 6-4 on TV which forced her to settle for a non-top seeded spot which means she will not earn a bye her first round. Chan edged her out in the rankings by just one game. It was the only match Amit lost thus far in the event.

Centeno has been turning heads ever since she won the qualifier and beat seven other Filipina seasoned players. The 13 year old then went on to demolish Venezuela’s #1 Grujicic 6-0, defeated Russia’s top woman 6-5, and then Japan’s top 20 ranked Noriko Onoda 6-4 to qualify. Her two losses were to reigning World Champion Kelly Fisher 6-1 and to Korea’s Yu Ram Cha 6-2 in which she was just outclassed by the veteran stars.

“She’s impressive. To qualify was a feat, but to hold herself up under the first time pressures of the World Championship is unprecedented. With hundreds of fans, TV and media, and the best in the world looking on, she just fires in balls like nothing and without much time or effort it seems. A few more years and she could be really dangerous. She already proves she has the mental foundations to compete on a world stage”, said Charlie Williams, the event promoter and also renown coach to pros such as Allison Fisher, Eun Ji Park, and formerly Yu Ram Cha and many others.

Amit and Centeno will face off today. Both players have already secured prize money for their efforts thus far. Amit will be an overwhelming favorite in the extended race to 8 games, but young Centeno is looking like she is having a blast and fun for the audience to watch her as well.

The Dragon Promotions produced 4th Annual Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championship is the most followed women’s event of the year. In the host country of the Philippines, it is the biggest female sporting event of the country. The event is supported by Asian table mammoth Yalin Billiards, advanced cue engineer OB Cues, long lasting Championship Tour Edition Cloth, top playing Aramith Balls, Tour Edition Chalk,  and #1 TV network broadcaster ABS-CBN.

Star Billiards and Pool & Billiard Magazine are also proud supporters. This year’s edition takes place August 20th-24th once again at Robinson’s Galleria Mall, which has now become synonymous to creating the dynamic atmosphere of the coveted championship. Robinson’s Galleria is connected to the host hotel Crowne Plaza Galleria. With massive media and global networks covering the Yalin Women’s World 10-Ball Championship, it continues as still the biggest and most watched women’s billiard event in the world.

This is the biggest women’s sporting event of the year in the Philippines, with the host country featuring the best players from Italy, Japan, China, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, India, Iran, Netherlands, Sweden, Venezuela, England, Norway, Taiwan, Austria, and Singapore.

An elite 48 world class pros and international women superstars are fighting it out in Manila. With the one goal in mind: to become the World Champion of 10-Ball.

Photos by Alison Chang/Dragon Promotions.


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