Ukrainians Fear the “Kremlinization” of the Republican Party

by Bobby Reyes

Logo of the Republican Party

Part XXXIII: The Ukraine Crisis

This columnist coined “Trumputinski” as early as January 2020. Yes, this writer started using the said term in the Coconut News Network ( And also used the same term in some of the 70 Facebook Groups that he founded or co-founded and, or act its administrator.

Yes, many satirical sentences about the Republican support for Mr. Trump and Dictator Putin, the “czar of the Kremlin.” also, to cast modesty aside, this writer was the first to combine the words “Trumputinski” and “Republicans” in the same sentence. Please search Facebook for “Trumpustinski” and “Trumputinski Republicans,” Readers can browse the columnist’s postings that use the said terms.

Lately, Rep. Liz Cheney, Wyoming’s “Ms. Republican” and frequent Trump critic, describes it as “the Putin Wing of the GOP” Yes, many followers of former President Trump admire Mr. Putin “as a strong leader and like his right-wing nationalism, including his opposition to (the) NATO, Western liberalism and LGBT rights.”

David Leonhardt of The New York Times wrote on April 7, 2022, about “The GOP’s ‘Putin Wing’. He also quoted Rep. Cheney in the said article.

Mr. Leonhardt wrote, “Donald Trump turned Vladimir Putin into a popular figure among a significant segment of Republican voters. As a candidate, president and ex-president, Trump has repeatedly praised Mr. Putin, calling him ‘strong, savvy and genius.’ Mr. Trump has also echoed the Putin’s ideology, by harshly criticizing (the) NATO.” Yes, indeed, “taking their cue from Mr. Trump, some Republican voters began to view Mr. Putin more favorably.”

Media reports say that a YouGov poll in January 2022 found that Republicans viewed Mr. Putin more favorably than President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Yes, Ukrainians fear the “Kremlinization” (sic) of the Republican Party. Why? Because many of the “Trumputinski Republicans” have vowed to stop, or radically reduce, the military, economic and humanitarian aid the US is giving the people of Ukraine and their government.

Please read the article “Republicans Begin To Sour On Aid To Ukraine,” written by Jonathan Nicholson on July 18, 2022. He writes, “Initially a bipartisan priority, helping Ukraine stop Russia is becoming a harder sell for Republicans.” He adds, “Helping Ukraine, which started off with broad public and bipartisan support, is at risk of becoming yet another casualty of today’s polarized politics.”

Mr. Nicholson cited Morning Consult polling, which found that while a plurality of all voters sees the US as doing “the right amount” to help Ukraine, Republican voters were the only group more likely to say the US was doing ‘too much,’ at 28%, than too little, 25%’.”

Yes, especially if the GOP wrests control of the US House of Representatives in the November 2022 mid-term elections. The deteriorating support for Ukraine of some pro-Kremlin key Republican leaders in the US Congress and in some states, like Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Mr. Trump and his family (that are now residents of Florida), should be a bigger headache for Biden Administration. President Biden and his fellow Democrats may find it harder to legislate more funding for Ukraine and, thus, hamper the widespread Ukrainian efforts to defend their democracy against the Kremlin invasion.

It was why in Part 31 of this series, this column proposed that Ukraine issue its own cryptocurrency, as guaranteed by its Central Bank. The proposal was entitled “Ukraine Can Easily Finance Its Reconstruction and a Long War with Kremlin.” It will be more defensible on the part of the US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his fellow pro-Ukraine Republican senators to continue supporting the Ukrainian people and their government if they (the GOP leaders) can use the argument that Ukraine is, after all, paying for most of the American military and economic aid by issuing the said cryptocurrency.

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