VP Binay Gains Support From Fellow APO In US

by Joseph G. Lariosa

CHICAGO (JGL) –A petition from an apolitical or “APOlitical” group in North America and in the Philippines has gone viral, supporting the embattled Philippine Vice President Jejomar C. Binay, who is facing a Philippine Senate investigation for alleged graft and corruption committed while he was a Makati City mayor nearly three decades ago.

A former human rights lawyer (of FLAG or Free Legal Assistance Group), Carlos A. Cortes, Jr., who immigrated to Chicago, Illinois from Naga City a few years ago, told the Journal Globalinks that he has been asked by supporters of Binay in the Philippines to sign and circulate a statement “of support to brother Vice President Jejomar Cabuhatan Binay.”

The Binay supporters led by Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity under Engr. Mel V. Adriano said in its manifesto, “We, the brothers and sisters of Alpha Phi Omega, International, Phil, Inc., do hereby manifest our heartfelt support and firm commitment to our brother, VP Binay, and do humbly declare,

“The Senate Blue Ribbon committee supposedly “investigating” the Makati city hall II had degenerated into a political circus, wholly intended to alienate our esteemed brother in the eyes of our people;”

It added, “Because of the prostitution of the legislative processes for selfish political ends, the Senate subcommittee of three senators has lost any credibility and legitimacy as a “fact-finding” body in the aid of legislation and it degenerated into aid of persecution;

“The lies and innuendos being peddled as facts can be addressed in a proper forum, which is a court of law where we believe our brother will find vindication;


“As a consequence, we hereby reaffirm our commitment to our brother as we are of the belief that he will ultimately hurdle his persecutors to fulfill his destiny to become the first member of Alpha Phi Omega to be the first president of the Philippines;”

Cortes, legal consultant of APO group in Chicago, said the manifesto is circulating through the fraternity’s Facebook accounts of APO members. It started in the Philippines and now, it is circulating in the “United States and Canada and beyond.”

“My guesstimate,” Cortes said, “we should be able to generate 100,000 signature worldwide.”

In a Facebook chat and email exchange with Adriano with this reporter, it was learned that Vice President Binay has various support groups.

Adriano said, “I am part of the BRODSS, a voluntary support group of mostly APO members. I am not part of the main political party, UNA (United Nationalist Alliance) of the Vice President. Rep. Toby Tiangco and Atty. JV Bautista are spokesmen of UNA. We work in parallel with them. BRODDS means “Band of Brothers and Sisters in Service.”

Cortes said Adriano was in the U.S. during the last week of October. Then, he returned to the Philippines.

Cortes said the public relations officer of APO Alumni Council of North America is Leo Baltazar.


When reached through his Facebook account, Baltazar said aside from being the PRO of APO in North America, he is also the incoming President of APO Metro Houston, Texas.

Baltazar said, “APO as an organization is non-political….but individual members are free to choose their candidate…it so happen that Bro. Jojo Binay is a fellow member, thus understandably, majority if not most members will support him.

As to how, many members have signed their manifesto and have put up homemade signboards declaring their support to Bro. Jojo against the demolition job being waged against him in the senate. Personally, I want Bro. Jojo to get a fair trial and let the proper court determine the truth by upholding due process of law….”

The Chicago leader of APO is Lito Pier.


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