Why Aren’t We In The Streets?

by Larry Klayman

The tea party has morphed into a Hollywood production of “Silence of the Lambs,” while Occupy Wallstreeters are in the streets fighting, in mostly a non-violent way, for their leftist causes.

Instead of taking strong actions in support of conservative principles, most of my tea-party friends are apparently drinking the Kool-Aid of political commentators like Glenn Beck (who is dead wrong on this one), historically self-serving, hypocritical and self-proclaimed values conservative Bill O’Reilly (who reportedly had Fox News pay $8 million to settle his own sexual harassment case years ago), Sean Hannity and a host of others in what has become the so-called conservative voice on this issue.

Their disdain for the left has perverted their thinking as they do “Hail Marys,” apparently believing that a political messiah will descend to lead We the People to the promised land as the nation continues its downward spiral. “Well,” as President Reagan used to say at the beginning of eloquent sentences expressing his truly great thoughts, these commentators are not leading us to the promised land, but instead the Land of Oz. Their wizardry in boosting the ratings of Fox News or GBTV by lashing out and whipping up hatred toward the Occupy Wall Street crowd may make for “good” television, but it is not serving the interests of the country during this dire period.

Last Thursday, Congress passed another piece of phony debt-reduction legislation, as Republicans again sold out the tea partiers. And, if you think the Republican Party is going to produce a candidate that can defeat President Barack Hussein Obama, then think again. Even were this so, what makes tea partiers think that a Republican president will pull the nation out of its nosedive? Indeed, it was a Republican president, George W. Bush, and his power-hungry and constitutionally bereft vice president, Dick Cheney, who, after eight years of scandal during the Clinton era, contributed mightily to sending America into its economic and strategic crash, both domestically and internationally. Then along came the “mullah in chief,” Barack Hussein Obama, to put his socialist, radical-Muslim-loving icing on, and to finish off, the stale cake.

As we enter into the Thanksgiving holiday, the only turkeys who should have their necks on the chopping block are our so-called “fearless establishment leaders.”

The volatile and bizarre Republican primary presidential race and polls help underscore why I am more than pessimistic that anyone will emerge to challenge Obama and his minions who can truly play a role in restoring our nation to greatness. Just look who is atop the polls this week – none other than Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, having seemingly self-destructed over his weak defense of sexual harassment allegations by a host of “Gloria Allred inspired” women. Herman’s response to the allegations reminded me of a scene in Woody Allen’s first film, “Take the Money and Run,” where the main character, Fielding Mellish, as a fragile young boy, steps on his own glasses and breaks them before the bullies could get there to do the job.

Just this week, unsurprisingly, it was revealed that Mr. Newt was in effect a lobbyist for Freddie Mac from 1999 to 2008, raking in a whopping $1.6 million dollars. As you may recall, Freddie Mac, along with Fannie Mae, are the two quasi-governmental stooge agencies that contributed mightily to the housing mortgage bust and the world’s resulting economic depression. Mr. Newt, to fend off attacks about his “Big Mac” money eating binge, has told the media that he was simply a historian for the entity – making him the most well-paid “historian” in world history. And, this comes after Mr. Newt advocated that homosexual Rep. Barney Frank be jailed for his role in boosting Freddie and Fannie, pushing poorly financed mortgages to people who could not afford to buy a house or condominium.

With Mr. Newt’s other baggage – and I’m not just talking about his considerable waste line – forget about his prospects to win the presidency. So, who is left in the Republican field to represent true conservative principles (not faux Republican establishment ones)? Rep. Michele Bachmann – who was already assassinated by the mainstream media with her own help, having initially hired Ed Rollins, a dishonest country club Republican, to be the manager of her campaign. Mr. Ed led her down the primrose path to her own presidential political demise, despite warnings from her friends and supporters that he was poison. And, when Michele eventually got around to firing Mr. Ed, sending him to the stables filled with the horse poop that he generated – having ruined other past campaigns as well – Michele’s presidential campaign was already essentially over.

Then there is the frequently incoherent Rick Perry, who at one time was thought to be biggest hope of conservatives for a voice in the White House. Mr. Rick seems like a nice guy, but his bizarre speech and conduct, not to mention his lack of grasp of key issues, has already sunk his campaign as well.

The rest of the GOP field are a bunch of political pygmies, save for Mitt Romney. While Mr. Mitt is a good-looking distinguished guy who looks like a president, unfortunately his always-shifting stances and positions, his leftist past and his wooden-like personality make his election as president less than certain, no matter what low confidence the American people have in Obama’s handling of the economy.

So there you have it. There is no political messiah that can lead this nation back from the current state of self-destruction. And, even if there were, We the People – after decades of poor leadership save for President Reagan – cannot afford to sit back in our proverbial rocking chairs and wait for a real leader to emerge someday.

So why are Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity and others carping at the left for their Occupy Wall Street movement, when we conservatives also should be in the streets using peaceful civil disobedience to further our cherished goals – goals that were conceived of and inspired by God through our Founding Fathers?

Moses told the Egyptian pharaohs that their time was up and exited stage left to the “streets of the Sinai” with his flock, later finding God’s promised land. And, Jesus, the son of God, died for our sins, leading His flock, mostly Jews who gravitated to him, to a new world and spiritual order.

Are we revolutionaries like Moses or Jesus, or are we Fielding Mellishes, who step on our own glasses before the establishment bullies crush us, too?

Are we turkeys to be carved up by the establishment, or will will get up from the chopping block and represent with our own civil disobedience – in the streets – our own proper interests?

These questions must finally be confronted as we sit around and ponder our fate this Thanksgiving!

Larry Klayman is a former Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. His latest book is “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment.”

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