Wycoco withdraws bid for PIDCI top post; seeks instead a Board member seat

by Kobakila News

NEW YORK – Nearly three weeks after announcing his candidacy to run for president of the Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. (PIDCI), known community volunteer Tambi Wycoco has decided to withdraw and seek instead a board member seat.

In explaining the reason behind his decision, Wycoco said: “One has to understand the politics of PIDCI to come up with the logical reason.”

When he started telling people of his intentions to run several months ago, he said he was repeatedly told he could not win against one of the candidates for president. “In short,” Wycoco said, “reality sets in.”

Retired public school teacher Olivia David, a former member of the PIDCI board of directors, is the other candidate.  Another candidate that is being rumored to run is Antero Martinez who is very well liked by PIDCI insiders and by other community organizations in the metro New York area. He has served PIDCI for many years as an officer and a member of the board.  He has not confirmed his candidacy at this time. The deadline for submission of certificate of candidacy is Sept. 7.

Wycoco, however, is not out of the campaign trail yet. He believes he can still do many of the improvements he wants to introduce to PIDCI as a board member. Along with his original slate of candidates which he has formed, Wycoco is now included in that list. He replaced Paul Versoza.

Wycoco boasts of his extensive experience in PIDCI, having served as a board member for a total of five years. He had been an active volunteer in the staging of the annual Philippine Independence Anniversary celebration from its inception in 1990 as Philippine Independence Day Committee (the ad hoc organization under the auspices of the Philippine Consulate General which started the yearly multi-event) to the present day which has been, since its incorporation as a legal entity in 2002, managed and presented by the Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc.

Besides Wycoco, he is joined by Robert Aguirre, Rachell Bañez, Eduardo Cabello, Albert Diala, Art Diongon and Laura Garcia in his quest for a seat on the PIDCI Board of Directors for 2017 to 2019.

Aguirre has served in a number of PIDCI committees; Banez is the president of the Marian Movement of Manhattan; Cabello is a Trustee with Foxxconn, an organization in Connecticut; Diala and Diongon have served as PIDCI vice presidents; and Garcia is the president of the Silliman University Alumni Association of New York and New Jersey.

PIDCI is an umbrella organization of about a hundred Filipino American organizations. Elections are in early October.

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